What do you do when you have a world class Safety Management System but you are not getting world class safety results?
Most organizations have a robust Safety Management System. It has been REACH’s experience that the system is not the problem, it is the practical application. Too often, personnel have strayed from the original purpose and intent of the system. REACH finds that most people do not understand why these tools are being used and the value they bring. Coaching allows personnel to effectively use the Safety Management System. It creates the buy-in to use the tools, even when it is two o-clock in the morning and no one is watching. Personnel demonstrate the correct behavior because they understand and believe in the tools.
“If you care enough for someone, you will intervene and STOP him from coming to harm. Watching him coming to harm was wrong, and we were wrong in the past!”  – Crew member of the Belanak FPSO
REACH has facilitated World Class Safety Culture Implementations globally which have resulted in increased safe and efficient operations. A phased approach consisting of an Assessment, Project Startup, Implementation and Sustainability ensures a permanent safety cultural change. Application of these phases allows beliefs and behaviors to change, creating the sustainable safety culture desired. This cultural change results in cost savings, key employee retention, and an improved safety record.

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