So, you have optimized your drilling time, but what about your Flat Time Operations?
Significant sources of lost time occur during flat time activities. Eliminating lost time requires a proven Performance Optimization process to identify and implement Operational Best Practices along with enhanced planning, communications and organizational learning. Performance Optimization is more focused on the people and process, as opposed to the technology to manage the multiple interfaces inherent in flat time operations.
A 39% improvement in Flat Time shows a strong example of what can be attained when a team is committed to continuous learning, challenging the “status quo” and reinforced with rigorous daily performance tracking." – Global oil and gas upstream operator
REACH has specialized in helping drilling organizations reach top quartile results through coaching. The Coaches use the tools of sustainable development to unlock the potential of your entire team. Since 2000, REACH has implemented over 400 Performance Optimization drilling and completions projects globally. We have considerable global experience in field development operations with a team of Coaches who come with a drilling background. A wealth of knowledge can be tapped into from within REACH to reduce your drilling and completions inefficiencies.

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