Performance Optimization Assists Deepwater Operator in Drilling $30.9 Million Under AFE

A major deepwater operator engaged REACH’s Performance Optimization Coaches for their new drillship. The challenge; safely and efficiently drill an exploratory deepwater well with a brand new drillship and new crew.

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Flat Time Reduction of 35% Due to Coaching 

An International Consortium operating in Saudi Arabia was working with a drilling contractor to supply rigs. This drilling contractor had no experience in Saudi Arabia and were recruiting inexperienced, local crews and expat supervisors with minimal cultural exposure.

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Focused Flat Time Reduction Program Results in an Average of 31.4% Improvement Across Rigs 

A major Rocky Mountain operator had five specific flat time spots showing high variations and hindering performance in their respective drilling campaigns.

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A Drilling Contractor’s World Class Safety Culture Leads to Record-Breaking Well Results

The Drilling Contractor needed to safely relocate the Client Operator’s new walking rig from Corpus Christi, Texas to Brooklyn, Pennsylvania, crewed-up, rigged-up and ready to spud in less than 45 days.

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Behavioral Hazard Hunts Prove Successful New Tool for Deepwater Production in Malaysia

On an offshore production installation in deepwater Malaysia, REACH Safety Performance Coaches were brought in to improve safety performance and encourage an interdependent World Class Safety Culture.

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Drilling Contractor Hits 80% Reduction in TRIR Resulting for Creating a World Class Safety Culture

With a TRIR of 2.7 and climbing, one CEO had a vision for his company that involved creating a safety culture, where getting hurt was unacceptable and risk assessing every job was the norm.

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Two Years No LTI on a Malaysia SPAR

An operator in Malaysia wants to ensure that its current LTIFs remain at zero though its upcoming construction projects on the SPAR. The operator in discussions with REACH determined that by placing more emphasis on leadership skills, the SPAR would continue to provide the sustainability of zero LTIFs.

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Leadership Development Improves Competence & Commitment to Corporate Strategic Objectives

A drilling contractor had supervisors throughout the company that lacked the leadership skills required to advance the company’s long-term strategic objectives. High turnover rates were typical and most of the supervisors were not aware of the strategic objectives, so no focus was placed on achieving them.

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Frontline Leaders Learn to Apply Company Vision, Core Values and Strategic Business Objectives

A client, who was experiencing rapid growth and expansion, was hiring a significant amount of new employees. The client was struggling to get their vision and core values to the workforce to enable them to make decisions based on these.

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